Services & Pricing

To bring you more business, we offer…

  • Online Review Analysis – FREE!

    95% of people search for local businesses online, and, 91% read online reviews about local business before they buy.  Will they find your business?  Will they call you or your competitors?  We’ll use our expert software to discover all the reviews your company has received, analyze your competitive position, and come up with recommendations for gaining more customers through your Google My Business listing. Then, we’ll invite you to schedule a time when we can review our findings with you via Zoom screen-sharing. Takes about 1/2 hour.

  • SEO Audit / Site Analysis – $255

    We’ll analyze your site for any needed onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. Create a written report and review it with you by phone. If you’re comfortable with altering your website’s code, you can use the report to optimize your website yourself.

  • Search Engine Optimization – starting at $255

    Ranking well on Google (and other search engines) will make it easier for your prospective customers to find you. We physically log into your site and manually implement the optimization recommendations from our SEO Audit / Site Analysis for the main pages of your website. This includes placing the targeted phrases in all the right places to convince Google that those pages really ARE about the phrase we’re targeting.

To plan your SEO efforts

  • Internet Marketing Research – starting at $495

    SEO Keyword Research has at least three great benefits: First, the research identifies the best keywords for search engine optimization to get your company maximum online exposure. Second, Google values websites more when they are regularly updated. A great way to do this is through blogging. SEO Keyword Research identifies numerous topics for which blog posts can be written. Third, this research often finds products and services which are in demand which your company currently doesn’t provide. Oh, and a fourth benefit — if you do Pay-per-click advertising, the research identifies numerous phrases where no one is bidding on.

To keep your website healthy and up-to-date

  • Website Monitoring – $30/month

    For $1 a day, we monitor your site every day to make sure: a) it’s still up and running, b) all it’s internal and external links are all working, and c) that Google has not found anything else to penalize your site for. If something goes awry, we contact your team immediately (unless you need us to do it, which is the next service:.

  • On-Demand Website Management – $40/hr

    Something need changing on your website NOW? We’ll get it done within 24 to 48 hours. Just email your needed changes, we do the work, track our hours, and bill you at the end of the month.